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Richard P. (Jenks) Johnson

Greetings Web Traveler,

During my career I have mostly addressed nuclear safety issues. For the last few years, however, I've been “semiretired” - making the most of what I've earned from a lifetime of labor while enjoying my wonderful family here in eastern Oregon, USA.

In May of 2008, I was called out of retirement to work for about 15 months in the Safety Analysis Division at NuScale Power, Inc., a new company designing a smaller-scale nuclear power plant that has several innovative passive safety features and provides a unique economic alternative to conventional full-scale power plants.

In the 80's and 90's I worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and for a time afterwards I advocated the safety and health benefits of telecommuting. The latter was an effort to make a difference in the world and help humankind. Before Los Alamos I worked for Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Earlier, I had many jobs as a young person while growing up and gaining an education. I worked as a logger, performed various jobs in a sawmill, operated a bulldozer, trolled salmon as a commercial fisherman, worked on a ranch, harvested hay, painted houses, was a janitor, worked in a cannery, harvested pole beans, strawberries, and cherries, worked in restaurants, did gardening and landscaping, mowed lawns, and even had a newspaper route (Eugene Register Guard)!

Here's my brief resume.

I'm enjoying whatever time I can be home on our ranch with my wife, Kate. Often we get to see our children, Justin, Brett, Jennifer, Zachary, Tiffany, and Jeromy, who come home to visit. Kate and I also have two wonderful granddaughters, Elina and Kaylani. They're a joy to us.

Kate is a registered nurse for the local county Home Health and Hospice. When we both retire, we plan to travel together to places around the world we've yet to see.

Have a wonderful day.

Venice Ranch, Burns, Oregon, USA

(Revised 1/6/2010)

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